AWISO school for special children was started as a challenge to provide some education to the otherwise neglected mentally retarded children of abirampattinam area in 18 November 2009. The school is ran by THEOXFORDTRUST, a charitable trust registered under indian trust act 1882 (Regn.NO.22/2001) ... Adirampattinam is a small town in the district of Thanjavur. Eventhough a survey indicated that 2.5% of the population of ADIRAMPATTINAM is affected by mental retardation, there were no schools to meet the educational needs of mentally challenged children. A mentally challenged child is considered as a burden in many families. Our special children are mostly from economically backward families. Many were not getting proper attention to their problems from the families due to their parents ignorance. They are usually mild to severely affected children. However, theyshow remarkable improvement in all aspects once they start attending the school.