Welcome to Adiraitheoxfordtrust

AWISOschool for special children was started as a challenge to provide some education to the otherwise neglected mentally retarded children of adirampattinam area in 18 november2009.the school is ran by THEOXFORDTRUST,a charitable trust registered under indian trust act1882 (Regn.NO.22/2001).

    The sole aim of AWISO is to dedicate itself to the welfare of the persons with mental retardation, cerebral palsy, autism and associated multiple disabilities by scientifically training them to be self-reliant and socially productive.

    It also aims at the following:

    To identify, assess, diagnose and enroll the mentally retaded children for specialzed training.
    To develop their physical, social & intellectual abilities.
    To enable them to work and earn a normal living at least.
    To create awareness among the parents regarding the follow up intervention programmes available for their words.
    To instill sense of self-reliance and self-esteem.
    To create awareness to the public about the causes and prevention of mental retardation.

    Donations are welcomed for the welfare and maintenance of the Trust.

    All donations may be sent as Cheque/ DD in favour of ``THE OXFORD TRUST`` , INDIAN BANK, Account Number: 907251456, IFSC Code: IDIB000A110, Adirampattinam Branch


    Motor activities and development.
    Language skills & speech therapy.
    Reading and writing skills.
    Time and money concepts.
    Physiotherapy for spastic children.
    Yoga & practice by qualified doctors.
    Sports and physical excellence.